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Animal Farm: The Musical

Music by Steve Wallace

Lyrics by Daniel Abrahamson

Book by Sarah Mucek

ANIMAL FARM: THE MUSICAL is an adaptation of George Orwell’s timeless and timely parable of revolution and dictatorship. When the animals of Manor Farm overthrow their human masters, they seek to build an animal utopia in which all animals are equal. Unfortunately, the pig Napoleon quickly seizes power and brings the grand future to fruition by his own brutal means. Animal Farm is the story of how idealistic intentions can easily be twisted for someone else’s ends, and how living creatures’ hope nonetheless endures. Get More Info

Performance Type: Live

Length: 120 minutes (2 acts with 1 intermission)

Cast Size: 15+ (with a scalable ensemble)

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Super School! A New Musical

Book and Lyrics by Sarah Mucek

Music and Lyrics by Daniel Abrahamson

Alissa is embarrassed of her super powers: her anxiety makes her turn invisible. On her first day at Super Public High School, however, she discovers that she isn’t the only one struggling to control her “gifts.” Will Alissa and her new classmates be able to overcome their insecurities? And more importantly...Get More Info

Performance Type: Live or Virtual

Length: 90 minutes

Cast Size: 13 (with a scalable ensemble)

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X-MAS: A Merry Mutant Musical!

Book and Lyrics by Sarah Mucek

Music by Christian Duhamel

X-MAS: A MERRY MUTANT MUSICAL! is a parody of the X-Men home for the holidays. When a mutant-hunting robot decimates the mansion on Christmas Eve, can our heroes overcome their differences to create the best X-Mas yet? Not if that grinch Magneto has anything to say about it! 

 All this, plus: Logan searches for the perfect...Get More Info

Performance Type: Live or Virtual

Length: 90 minutes

Cast Size: 9


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